The time for the power of wishes is now...

     Directly affected by 9/11, one of the darkest days in U.S history, Jim's life takes another extraordinary and unexpected turn when everyday people around him transform into unlikely heroes.

     Through Jim, we discover that none of us are too small to make magic and that together we truly can change the world.

          Jim shows that when we offer the best of ourselves, the truly remarkable flourishes and "truly remarkable" is that little something we call magic.  Creating new traditions and igniting hope and inspiration in families, we discover how our greatest tragedies can turn into life-changing miracles.

          Enter into a world filled with all the colors, smells and sounds of Christmas and accompany Jim and his friends on a heart-warming adventure where happiness is uncertain and a miracle depends on the goodwill of those around him.

          Now in final production, the soon-to-be released book comes to life through the magical illustrations of award-winning illustrator / animator Kamela B. Portuges.

          For opportunities to be a part of the magic as we shape this incredible story into a full-length animated movie, please click here!  This Christmas Classic inspires a new generation of people and will live on in hearts and homes, showing families how everything is possible, and probably even more when it comes to Christmas.

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To taste the magic, download a flip book excerpt from

"Christmas at Jim's Place!"

Available in English and Spanish.

J. M. Ashwell Best Selling Author

As an author and entrepreneur, her outlook on life is utterly optimistic, intensely curious and simply magical. Just like children who pull apart toys to see how they work, she loves interacting with people in- depth, to understand human potential and courage, and to create new neural pathways and experiences that generate joy and success.  More...

Christmas at Jim's Place

     When a young boy makes an unselfish wish, it sets in motion a series of magical Christmas events that turn those around him into unlikely heroes with incredible gifts.